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This site aims to provide North Texans with impartial information in simple language that will help them navigate through the murky waters of the IVF process and options available at the lowest cost possible.  



The biggest issue, without a doubt is the cost of treatment.    There are a few ways to tackle this and we will provide details on what the best steps to take at the least cost possible below .   It is also very important to note that the male partner may have an infertility issue and that is the easiest and cheapest way to get started with this process (step 2 below).

 The 3 steps shown below are generally the ones to take to give you an understanding of what the problems may be and after following each step and checking the results will tell you how much further you may need to go for treatment.     It's a very inexpensive way to get to know what your  issues may be and then you will be in a better position to explore different options.   These steps can all be done by yourself at very little cost without consulting expensive doctors.   Once you have the tests and a basic understanding of what the results mean,  you will be in control of what course of action you need to take.   Please feel free to use the contact form on the right side of this page if you need any assistance with the process and we will try and help you as much as possible.   When it comes to fertility, we believe that all questions are valid and none can be considered too basic.


The First Step - Trying Naturally

Trying Naturally for 6 months as close as possible to the time of ovolution.  The best tool to use is an ovulation kit .  To keep it simple, we recommend the use of Clearblue Easy Ovulation Kit with Pregnancy Test - 10ct at a cost of around $17.     Purchasing it from Amazon by clicking the link will help to support our site.  We tried the digital version but found that it was much trickier to deal with - in case you prefer that one, it is also shown below:




The Second Step - Do a Semen Analysis

You do not need a doctor's referral to get this done.   Avoid ejaculation 24 - 72  hours before the test.   You can show up without an appointment at  NTMIC Sperm Lab , 5616 Warren Parkway #101-B, Frisco, Texas 75034  between 8.30am to 11am  or 1pm to 4pm Mon - Thurs or 8.30am to 1pm Friday,  cost is $110 (December 2019).    If you are not in North Texas, we will be working on a list of similar self-referral labs for the rest of the US and overseas (If you know any, please add in the comments, or send an email using the form on the right-side of this page)

There's a short form to fill in and then they will give you a sample container and direct you to a small room with assistive materials and leave you to produce a sample that you will leave in the cupboard.   On the form, make sure your address is correct, as that is where the results will be sent to you.   If you have a fax number, you could get the results on the same day.    This article Semen Analysis: Sperm Count Test and Procedure will help you to understand the preparation, procedure and result interpretation.

If all of the parameters are normal, then you would need to get a basic set of tests done for the fairer sex.      If not, then you may have found the reason (or part of the reason) for your fertility issues.    What the results mean is covered at this link (coming soon, no pun intended :-) ).


The Third Step -  Blood Tests

These once again can be done without seeing a doctor.  The tests that need to be done on Day 3 of Cycle ( and measure the hormone levels that are most important for fertility.   This webpage, Day 3 Testing shows in clear and simple language what these tests are for.

Following the test links below will get you to the tests that you can then add to your cart.   When you've checked out and paid, it will produce a requisition form that you will need to print out and take to the test center you chose while checking out.    All you need is to take that form to the lab and they will draw your blood and you should see the results online in 1-3 days.   The links below will generally work all over the US and not just North Texas.

AMH (egg reserve)  Order AMH Test    $85 (June 2021)

FSH    Order Follicle Stimulating-Hormone (FSH) Test    $25 (June 2021)

LH   Order LH test   $25 (June 2021)

and Estradiol  - Order Estradiol Test $29 (June 2021)  


Checking if Tubes are Blocked

Need an HSG to check this.


AFC -Anthral Follicle Count


        Below is a link to many good blogs on the subject of IVF/fertility:    


A lot can be learned from the experience of others who have gone through the same process.   It is also important to note what your chances are (if any) to not go down a rabbit hole.  The blog is one that shows how to come to terms with not having a baby.